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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Here are the layers in this Marjolaine... (from bottom to the top)
  a. chocolate genoise (chocolate sponge cake)
  b. chocolate ganache
  c. dacquoise meringue
  d. creme d'or (chocolate/whipped cream)
  e. daquoise meringue
  f. coffee buttercream
  g. daquoise meringue
  h. whipped cream
  i. coat of butter cream
  j. chocolate gaze

Sounds OTT (Over The Top)?  Not if you ask my husband, Vince.  It's OTT decadent.  His comment is, "forget about dinner".


This simple lemon cake is going to make it to my list of favorite recipes.  Why haven't I thought of adding lemon supremes to my lemon cake batter!  It's so simple yet it gives it the lemony flavour that many other lemon cake recipe lacks.
Lemon Cake


  1. Pardon my ignorance..BUT what are lemon supremes ??? Sounds like a good thing to know even though I have to ask a dumb question.


  2. The Marjolaine was like a cross between the Chocolate Ganache and the Coffee Buttercream Dacquiose and some whipped cream. It was good. Ate it before my dinner salad, but, alas, even the salad could not keep the weight in check. Maybe you should sneak in some lo-cal substitutes.