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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Croissants!!  Who doesn't like croissants?  It's flaky, buttery, chewy... and even better with chocolate! 


Chocolate Croissants

Stollens are traditional German Christmas Cakes.  The shape is supposed to symbolize baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes.  Well it's either that mine didn't come out right or I am not seeing the resemblence.  This fruit and nut cake'ish bread is actually not as dense as I thought.  It's sort of a cross between  an English fruit cake and the Kugelhopf we made yesterday. 


I think I mastered the art of making scones.  Bad scones are dense, rock like and they become an unpleasant paste in your mouth.  Ah, these are flaky and tender buttery goodness! 

Black Currant Scones

Tender buttery goodness

By the way, notes on weigh-in - I, surprisingly, weigh 1 lb less when I started pastry school.  My husband's weight? ... no comments :)

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