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Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh, Lovely...

"You eat with your eyes first"... and this statement is definitely true with this Pear Tart.  Half a poached pear is encased in this wonderful latticed puffed pastry.

Tarte Aux Poires En Cage
(Individual Pear Tarts with Lattice)

Looking at this picture, I think my Conversations turned out to look like a shirt button.  This is a puff pastry tart filled with almond cream, topped with royal icing.  Apparently the name of this tart came from the book "Les Conversations d’Emelie (1774)"... exactly why... I'll have to find out.  Maybe my french friend, Hugues, can shed some light.

(Almond Tartlets)

My Apple Galette turned out to look like Shiu Mai (Chinese dim sum).    

Galettes aux Fruits de Saison
(Seasonal Fruit Galettes)

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  1. Conversations d'Emilie: ranked 624,501 on 'nuff said. Cake looks like a winner, though! :) Hugues