Vegetable Garden

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Petits Fours Test

My partner and I worked non stop from 8:30a to 1:30p to produce 7 varieties of petits fours.  It was an intense day for sure.  From the top:
* Blood orange glazed puff pastry barquette filled with chocolate ganache
* Passion fruit macarons
* Green tea and honey madeleines
* Strawberry petits fours glaces
* Blood orange pate de fruits
* Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
* Swans filled with pastry cream and fresh mango

We are back to baking cakes tomorrow.


  1. those pretty swans !!! did u ace the test ???
    I have to tell you, your blog provide such a haven to the storm of bad news roiling in the economy and financial markets, I flee to your blog every morning to gain sustenance before breakfast !!!

  2. Oh no! Cakes are my weight nemesis!... I'll just run more miles...