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Friday, July 1, 2011

End of a Long Week, Beginning of a Long Weekend

These two cakes are special to me - it's the cake that the class was making when I audited the program.  I've been looking forward to make these two cakes for weeks now.  The mousse is made of casis puree, whipped cream and egg white foam.  It's super light, slightly tangy.  The mousse on its own is so refreshing, it tastes almost like a palette cleanser.

 Miroir Aux Fruits (Fruit Mousse Miroir)

I've always wondered how the pastry shops make the lovely intricate sides on this cake.  Finally, now I know how.  We first spread the chocolate batter on a template then spread the plain batter over the chocolate pattern.  This cake is filled with white and dark chocolate mousse.  It's delicious but I have a slight preference for the fruit mousse one above. 
Gatueau De Mousse Aux Deux Chocolats Avec Pate A Cornet
(White & Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake with Pate A Cornet)

 This chocolate cupcake may not look like much but it's one of the moistest cupcake I've ever had.
Chocolate Cupcake

I had a piece of this coffee cake after lunch.  The cake was super moist and the topping is basically butterscotch peacans.  How could that go wrong! 

Coffee Cake

What a great way to end a long week and start a long weekend!!

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  1. Sorry I missed these! I have to keep the ringer on high so as to not miss the cake call!