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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Baking is definitely less fun in a 100F kitchen, standing next to a 400F oven.  I survived...

Lots of sweet treats today since we did not bring home any yesterday.

My plate of Petits Fours

Opera cakes are one of my favorites.  I love the rich and intense flavour combination.  Nutty, chocolaty and coffee'ish...

Opera Cake

Pate de Fruit are my least favorite on any petits fours platter.  I'll choose gummy bears over Pate de Fruit any day.

Pate de Fruit (Lychee and Peach)

Nougats - one of my favorite treats and I like them soft and chewy, just like these I made today.  I didn't know that it is so easy to make Nougats. 


I can eat a whole lot of Madeleines.  I'll be making a green tea version for my test next week.


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  1. I like all that nougat goodness too... I've taken to eating all your school creations for breakfast. Oddly enough, all that butter makes me full so I don't eat as much.