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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It's another chaotic day in the kitchen... I hope the next unit is going to be better than this one.  I find it hard to retain new information when I feel like we're working randomly for the entire 5 hours.  To add on to the already chaotic schedule (oxymoron), our class triggered the fire alarm causing the entire the school to evacuate.  We saw fire come out of the the back of the oven and since we were not sure if it was an electrical fire or parchment paper on fire, the chef took the necessary precaution.  As it turned out a piece of parchment paper had caught fire since we were baking bread at high temperature.  Crisis averted but chaos persisted.

Here are more chocolate and regular croissants.  If you recall from my earlier post, we also made these in level 1. We'll be making these again for our exam on Friday.  So if you're on a low fat diet, you may want to avoid Friday's post :)


This Tarte Flambee is delicious.  I just had some before updating the blog.  Perfect for a late lunch.  It's like a pizza made with bacon, creme fraiche, fromage blanc, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and egg.  Sounds delicious?  It tastes even better!  It's a great alternative for pizza.

Tarte Flambee
Oatbread - being added to my collection of breads in the freezer...


I was looking forward to making baguette but it turned out to be a disappointment.  As you can see, the internal structure is not baguette like - it looks more like an Italian bread to me. 


I should feel better after a glass of wine with another slice of Tarte Flambee, toasted.... 


  1. Don't forget about your neighbors downstairs. The chocolate croissants are perishable and non-freezable, right?

  2. Sounds like you had a crazy day...Hope you're getting a good night's sleep. Waz great to see you guys on Sunday! Anna