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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week #1 in the Sweet Kitchen

Weeek #1 Key Statistics
(my) weight - 116.5 lb
(husband's) weight - 163 lb
desserts made (eaten) - 2 pies & 5 gingersnaps

I am glad that the program started on a Wednesday so there were only 3 days of school in the first week.  The week flew by so quickly.  Everyday this week seemed like a mad scramble to me - from being in class from 8.30a - 2.30p, to getting blood work done for school medical records to getting "stuff" (eg cake box etc).  By the time class ends at 2.30p, I am exhausted! Since I am still serving out my transition period at work I have to rush home immediately after school to log on to the office network.  This weekend is a much needed break for me to regroup and strategize on how I can manage my time more efficiently.

We work in pairs in the kitchen and I am fortunate to have a partner, Helen, whom I work very well with.  This week we learnt to make Pate Sucree (Sweet Tart Dough), Pate Brisee (Flaky Tart Dough), Creme Patissiere (Pastry Cream), Compote De Pommes (Apple Compote) and Gingersnaps cookies.  The results of these components were a fine looking Tart Aux Pommes (Apple Tart), a delicious Tart Aux Bananes Est Creme (Banana Tart) and of course, Gingersnaps cookies.  After years of experimental home baking, for the first time, I made a tart shell that did not shrink!  It would have helped if I had known to let the dough relax before trimming the excess.... at least, that's what I think went wrong with my prior attempts.  My favorite this week was the Banana Tart even though I'm not a big fan of Banana Tarts in general.  The pastry cream was light, flavorful, sweet yet not cloyed.  Vince's (my husband) favorite was the gingersnaps - it reminded him of Speculaas, a spice cookie he used to have in the Netherlands during Christmas season.

Tarte Aux Pommes

Tarte Aux Bananes Est Creme
(picture of my partner's tart)

the gingersnaps were here until vince came home...

Looking forward to the coming week in the sweet kitchen (minus the sanitation written exam)

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  1. Wow. These look delicious! I will be a willing test taster for your experimental bakery any day!!! You sound very happy, Sharon. Good for you!