Vegetable Garden

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We made eclairs today.  Eclairs were one of my favorite pastries when I was a kid.  I recall that they were sometimes filled with whipped cream or even butter cream.  The eclairs we made today are filled with pastry cream flavored with chocolate, cofee and vanilla.  Even though these eclairs turned out to be delicious, the appearance was not up to par.  I did not score the dough deep enough before baking, the sides cracked and did not make a perfect looking pastry.  Since these will be on the test next week, I am  going to have to do a practice batch at home during the week.  I hope my neighbors and doormen won't mind repeating the desert :o)


  1. One of my fav's, too!

  2. These were so delicious. I loved the filling - so light and sweet. I ate all 3 by myself before dinner! Good thing dinner was a salad.