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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Final Tarts

Today is the last session on Tarts and Cookies.  We made a beautiful Linzer Tart (filled with raspberry and apple jam). 
Linzer Tart

Raspberry & Apple Filling

We also made Quiche Lorraine, which served me well this evening.  Since tomorrow is a test day Vince and I had quiche for dinner so I can spend some time studying for tomorrow's test....

What's tomorrow's test like?  We're required to make 1 big tart, 4 small tartlettes and 1 batch of cookies in 4 hours, plus a 45 minutes written test on ingredients, procedures and conversions such as....
.... 1 fl oz = 28.37grams; 1 quart = 946 ml; F to C; differences between french, swiss and italian meringues...types of custards... etc etc..


  1. Linzer tart looks totally awesome!! Anna

  2. Sounds like a rigorous schedule for school. Additional cooking at home? Wow!