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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day #5: Taaaarts.......

Tarte Aux Fruits (Fruit Tart with Pastry Cream)
I am really pleased with how this tart turned out - it looks lik a blooming flower.  This is the 6th tart I've made since last Wednesday and I must say that I am definitely getting the hang of it. 

Tart Alsacienne (Alsatian Apple Tart)
I have never seen or heard of this tart recipe until today.  It's caramelized apples, flambe with brandy and the filling is baked custard.  I think the picture looks better than the tart itself.  I doubt I will put this on any restaurant/bakery menu because it simply does not look pretty.... well, maybe that's the reason why I've never heard of or seen this tart before!

Vanille-Kipferl (Viennese Vanilla Crescents)
These delicious hand-shaped cookies are flavoured with ground hazelnuts and coated with vanilla sugar.  If I were to make them at home, I'd skip the sugar but spread some Nutella on the flat (bottom) side... or maybe coat the bottom with some chocolate.  I think that will really bring out the hazelnut flavour and aroma even more.

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