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Sunday, September 18, 2011


I can feel like my life is slowly but surely coming together again.  I've spent hours over the past few days getting my new computer up and running. 
White Chocolate Citrus Parfait

Last Thursday we started our 2nd unit on plated desserts. We made this White Chocolate Citrus Parfait with strawberry salad, strawberry coulis, candied orange and chocolate loop. The citrus parfait itself was very refreshing, though it's not something I would crave or order on Fall weather days like we've been having lately. It's a pretty looking plate I must say.

Unlike in the prior plated dessert unit, we plated the desserts "assembly style" - it makes sense to do it this way in a banquet situation.

We also made a Chocolate Mint Parfait with orange salad on a lace cookie, chocolate cigarette and orange mint coulis.  I am not a fan of mint dessert generally (except for peppermint chocolate chip ice cream).  I find that mint tends to taste "medicinal" in desserts.

Chocolate Mint Parfait

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  1. Welcome back.xoxo.....I missed my morning sugar high