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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pastillage Cake Stand... and Last Day of Level II

Today is our final day in level 2 (of 3).  It's a mixed feeling.  I am really enjoying pastry school a lot and I sort of don't want it to end too soon.  To wrap up level 2, we made a pastillage cake stand and decorated a dummy cake with fondant.  I am really quite pleased with how my project turned out despite having 1 less day to make the stand due to the hurricane.

As always we had to submit our diagram before the project and the finished product will be compared to the diagram.  My stand was made up of 2 pairs of pink boots with brown laces.  I thought they turned out really cute.

Back to working with chocolate tomorrow in the level 3 kitchen.  The one thing that I am looking forward to for sure, is leaving the small level II kitchen and moving on to the spacious level III kitchen with newer equipment! 

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