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Monday, September 12, 2011

More Chocolate Candies

I should blame my recent lag in blog posts on 2 things - #1 my computer went kaput last Monday... the good news is that a new computer is being shipped to me as we speak.  #2 I started my internship (2 days a week) at Jacques Torres Chocolate plus I am also interning at a Food Blogging class with Steven Shaw at the French Culinary Institute once a week.  I am sure to be posting regularly again once I settle into my new routine and when I receive my new computer.

Today is our last day of making chocolate candies.  I am normally not a huge fan of Cherry Cordial Bon Bons but this one is really pretty good.  I think the main difference here is that I have a smaller bon bon mold which is just slightly bigger than the cherry, so there is less room for that sugary fondant filling. 

Cherry Cordials

 These are "Branches"... they are actually chocolate/praline enrobed in dark chocolate and crushed nougatine.  The name is obviously describing what it looks like (or vice versa).  They are mighty delicious especially if you are a nutella lover like me.

This is my husband's favourite chocolate candy - Peppermint Pattie.  I traded all 10 patties for use of his computer to post this blog ;-)
Peppermint Patties

Oh... I was pleasantly surprised to find a bag of lovely cookie cutters on my door yesterday.  My neighbor (she goes by "Paisley Pug" if you read the comments on this blog) bought these cute cutters from a new kitchen supplies store in our neighborhood.  Thanks Helen... that's incredibly sweet of you!

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  1. Those chocolate branches were delicious. I ate all of them last night! I was going to try the cherry cordial bon bons but since you said to let them settle, I'm going to try my first tonight!