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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good But Not Good Enough

As part of the pastry program, my class is serving up a "afternoon of desserts" to friends and family at FCI tomorrow afternoon.  Each team (of 2 people) will prepare one dessert of their creation.  Unfortunately there are 21 people in the class and there's alway one person working by him/herself... this time it's me!  Chef assigned me the category of "dessert soup" thinking that it'd be mangeable for one person.  Seriously?  Soup for dessert?  Why didn't I get Chocolate or Tarts or Cakes or... any category would have been easier than SOUP!  So tomorrow I am serving up "something-something with biscotti" (you will find out in tomorrow's blog post what I am preparing).  I made one batch of biscotti yesterday in class but I found it to be bland.  So I served it to the class for breakfast this morning.  I labeled it "good but not good enough".  My classmates ate it anyway as we're typically not fussy at 8 in the morning.  All we need is coffee and having anything to eat would be a bonus. 

Speaking of soup for desserts, we made this exotic fruits soup today for plating.  I think my dessert tomorrow is a more "exotic" from a Westerner's perspective... but I can already hear my Asian friends and family say - "you served WHAT at the French Culinary School"? LOL

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  1. Is it going to be tapioca or almond? I can just envision a chinese dessert soup.