Vegetable Garden

Monday, August 22, 2011

Manjari Chocolate Tart and Toasted Coconut Ice Cream

This is a Manjari chocolate tart.  I have not had Manjari chocolate until a few weeks ago.  The Manjari chocolate has a hint of apricot/fruity note when you allow the chocolate to melt in your mouth.  This baked chocolate tart is extremely decadent - smooth, rich chocolate in a soft velvety custard form.  This might be my favorite plated dessert in this unit.  The rich and bold tasting tosated coconut ice cream and coconut creme anglaise (the white polka dots) are perfect complements to this rich chocolate tart.

 This is a great lemon tart.  Unlike the lemon curd tarts we've made before this tart is baked.  It's paired with a delicious berry sorbet and berry coulis. 


  1. I want the lemon tart!! :o) Hugues

  2. I let the chocolate envelope my taste buds but I still didn't taste the hint of fruit. I'll try again later. But, the lemon tarte was phenomenal. I could feel the air in the lemon custard.

  3. I want some of both !!!