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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

48 Hours

I ate all these desserts in the last 48 hours.... and I am almost embarrassed to say that I am going out to eat another dessert this evening.  It's part of the curriculum... it's true!  The class assignment is to pick a restaurant/bakery, order a dessert and play critique.  The assignment is due tomorrow and I am normally not a procrastinator.  However I have been dragging my feet on getting this assignment done as I don't want more desserts after all that I've consumed in school (unless it's totally "worth it").  I think what I need to do is to eat something really salty for dinner before playing dessert critique.  How about ramen?  Mmmm.... I think I will head to the East Village for some good salty Japanese ramen.

Green Apple Charlotte Russ with Red Current Sorbet & Coulis

Macadamia Nut Financier with Brown Butter Sauce and Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

Pineapple Tart Tartin with Vanilla-Lime Frozen Yogurt and Pineapple-Passion Fruit Butter Sauce

Hot Apple Charlotte with Green Apple Sorbet

If you have had enough of individual plated desserts (as have I), I have good news.  We're moving on to a new unit on Sugar.  In this unit we will mostly be indulging in pretty looking stuff like pastillage cake stands, pastiallge favor boxes, marzipan etc. 

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