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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Plated Dessert III Days 1-4

In the last 4 days, I've eaten more desserts that one should have in an entire month... and this plated dessert unit is far from over.

On Monday we made

Apple Beggars' Purse with Ginger Sake Sabayon and Lychee Nut Sorbet

Pear Spring Rols with Raspberry Gastrique and Creme Fraiche Ice Cream

Tuesday we made Strudel.  The process of stretching out the dough was really quite fun.
Classic Apple Strudle with Vanilla Ice Cream

Wednesday was "Fryday" as the chef calls it, unfortunately the following day was not Saturday...

Deep Fried Apple Crepes with Hard Cider Ice Cream nd Bourbon Caramel Sauce
(fried crepes are odd... It's unlikely for me to repeat this dish)

Tropical Fruit Beignets with Tamarind Ice Cream and Coconut Emulsion Sauce
(the only fried tropical fruit I enjoyed was Bananas - "Pisang Goreng")
Bambolin filled with Vanilla Pastry Cream, Chocolate Pastry Cream and Raspberry Jam

Today (Thursday) was souffle day.  I ate a ridiculous amount of souffles today... and guess what we're making tomorrow?  SOUFFLES! 

 Passion Fruit Souffle
 Chocolate Souffle with Coffee Creme Anglaise
 Savoury Souffle - Cheese, Mushrooms and Spinach

Peanut Butter Jelly Souffle
(This is my parter and my creation... turned out fantasic)


  1. Fabulous! I could eat them all in one sitting!! :)

  2. I think souffles are over-rated. The pb & j souffle, however, just may change my mind...