Vegetable Garden

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Menu Project

I am now 8 days from graduating from pastry school.  The pace have definitely picked up lately, stress level heightened and days in the sweet kitchen more intense.  In the final 2 weeks of the program we have 3 major projects to complete.  The first is the Menu Project, which I just completed 4 hours ago.  The requirement is to produce a 8-item menu of which the chef will select 2 items he/she would like to taste.  We have 2 days (more like 8 hours) to produce then serve.  So here are my desserts and my menu.  I'll be working on the wedding cake project next, so check in again next week!

Cappuccino Semifreddo with Warm Vanilla Milk Foam and Double Chocolate Oreo

Pumpkin Mille Feuille with Maple "Glass" and Hard Cider Ice Cream


  1. Looks awesome! When will you and Vince start taking reservations? :) Hugues