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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I have 2 more days till graduation.  It's amazing how time flies.  The final days in the sweet kitchen isn't easy I must say.  We have 4 days to:
(a) do a written exam
(b) make a showpiece that is 14" x 18"
(c) make 2 dozens of apple danish
(d)1 caramel nut tart
(e) 2 dozens opera cake (petits fours)
(f) 2 dozens chocolate bon bons

Here's my day's itinerary... I didn't get to do the bon bons so I will be starting my day tomorrow 30 minutes behind my planned schedule.

8:30   Flip pastillage pieces
8:45   Bake Opera Cake Layer
9:10   Danish Dough/bulk proof
9:30   Ganache
9:40   Apple Compote
10:00   Turn Danish Dough
    Roll out Tart Dough/Shape/Chill
10:30   Make Coffee Butter Cream for Opera Cake
10:50   Assemble Opera Cake
11:15   Turn Danish Dough
11:25   Make caramel nut filling for tart
11:45   Make Crème D'amande
12:00   Dishes/lunch
12:30   Shape Danish
1:00   Assemble Tart/Freeze
1:20   Bon Bon 
2:00   Break Down Kitchen

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  1. Bring Doggie to help? Good luck with the last two days! :) Hugues